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Hebei Jiaao Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hebei Jiaao” Company) was established on June 17, 2015 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The core business is non-performing asset investment and operation, and acquisition and management of various types of credit, equity and movable property. Non-performing assets in the form of real estate, such as debt recovery, debt restructuring, debt-to-equity swap, corporate restructuring, asset securitization and other disposal methods, the value of assets and the promotion of value. Committed to providing high-quality, professional services for local enterprise restructuring, industrial integration, transformation and upgrading. The scope of asset disposal is divided into: equity assets, debt assets, and physical assets; asset disposal methods are classified into ultimate disposal and phased disposal according to asset realization.
Backed by a well-funded consortium, Hebei Jiaao has a professional team of lawyers, a strong financial team and an excellent marketing team. Relying on professional research pricing ability, financing ability and macroeconomic research ability, it is the most professional private non-performing asset investment management company in Hebei.
Hebei Jiaao Headquarters is located in No.1 Office Building No.1, Tatang International Trade City, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, adjacent to Shijiazhuang Railway Station and City Elevated Road. The traffic conditions are convenient. It is located in the economic and financial and financial resources gathering areas of the provincial capital of Hebei Province, with obvious regional advantages.




Hebei Jiaao adheres to the mission of “solving financial risks and serving the real economy”, with the core values of “developing employees, achieving customers and returning shareholders”, and taking “cooperation and win-win, pragmatic innovation” as the business philosophy, adhere to “professional and rigorous”. , integrity, excellence, professional ethics. Committed to providing high-quality, professional services for local enterprise resource restructuring, industrial integration, transformation and upgrading in terms of asset acquisition, disposal, operation and management, and striving to build the brand image of Jia'ao in Hebei's private non-performing asset operation industry.

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