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  • Non-performing asset acquisition

    As a private asset management company, Hebei Jiaao docked four state-owned AMCs, several provincial-level asset management companies and other financial and non-financial institutions, and acquired and managed various types of non-performing assets such as debt, equity, movable property and real estate. In this process, the acquisition of non-performing assets in a wide range of industries, a large number of industries, a large number of customers, a variety of ownership structures, and trained a large number of professional personnel in the acquisition and disposal of assets.
  • Non-performing asset management

    Backed by a well-funded consortium, Hebei Jiaao has a professional team of lawyers, a strong financial team and an excellent marketing team. Relying on professional research pricing power, financing ability, and macroeconomic research ability, the asset value is improved and realized through various methods such as litigation settlement, debt restructuring, debt-to-equity swap, enterprise restructuring, and asset securitization.
  • Non-performing asset acquisition and restructuring

    For non-performing assets with reorganization value, the company will fully negotiate with the creditors and debtors to determine the debt restructuring or corporate restructuring plan before the acquisition, and reach a cooperation agreement with the debtor and related stakeholders to reorganize and restructure, and then pass the non-performing assets. The acquisition or cooperation with creditors to obtain the right to dispose, and relying on the company's professional talents and license and resource advantages, the target project will be reorganized to enhance its value, and finally through the disposal of assets to achieve exit.
  • Bad assets trustee

    Project investigation: Hebei Jiaao, as a professional operation organization for non-performing assets, has a professional team of lawyers, accepting the entrustment of relevant parties, conducting due diligence on the target non-performing assets and related assets, and proposing professional opinions on the disposal methods and values of the underlying assets. .
    Entrusted disposal: Hebei Jiaaoyituo's own resource allocation, risk management and control, professional management advantages, providing professional entrusted disposal services for non-performing asset holders, acting clients to operate and manage the acquired non-performing assets or problem enterprises. Dispose of, liquidate or reorganize.
  • Non-performing asset allocation

    As a general partner of a limited partnership, Jiaao initiated the establishment of a non-performing asset purchase fund to provide a professional financing service platform for social investors. In the limited partnership, social investors invested in the priority share, and Jiaao subscribed to the lower share. Or, Jiaao will make a contribution by subscribing to the priority share, and the investor will subscribe to the inferior share to achieve co-financing, joint acquisition, management of the latter, sharing risks and common benefits.
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