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  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Hebei Jia'ao is determined to take the initiative to revitalize the economic stock, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, relying on the acquisition of non-performing assets, and using a variety of integrated financial services as a means to actively carry out the whole industry chain mergers and acquisitions, problem companies backdoor restructuring, equity reorganization and restructuring, new three board mergers and acquisitions Restructuring and corporate private placement and other services.
    Main business products: debt acquisition + backdoor listing, debt acquisition + debt-to-equity swap, private placement + merger and acquisition, bankruptcy reorganization + asset restructuring and non-performing asset mergers and acquisitions.
  • Equity investment

    Hebei Jiaao Assets relies on its own strong financial strength and rich investment and financing means, through staged equity investment, investment preference stocks, asset injection, etc., to meet the national industrial policy, high growth and the existence of value-enhancing assets and existence Enterprises with short-term liquidity problems invest to satisfy the equity financing needs of enterprises by holding preferred stocks or common stocks, helping enterprises to grow rapidly and achieving win-win development with enterprises.
    Main business products: equity investment for mergers and acquisitions (including injection into listed companies, backdoor listing, etc.), staged equity investment and high-quality enterprise equity investment (PRE-IPO, New Third Board).
  • fixed income

    Based on the specific needs of corporate customers' financing scale, financing costs and financing deadlines, Hebei Jiaao comprehensively uses its professional advantages in functions, capital and experience to provide flexibility for enterprises through asset management plans, private equity funds and convertible bonds. Design the transaction structure and solve the problem of insufficient customer development funds through multiple channels.
    The main business products include: fixed income debt investment through SPV (special purpose entity), and optional option of fixed income additional equity.
  • Investment in other fields

    Hebei Jia'ao Affiliate Co., Ltd. - "Zhejiang Jiahan Investment Management Co., Ltd." is a comprehensive investment management company engaged in securities investment, commodity investment, financial derivatives, new three board and equity investment (PE/VC). In the rapid development stage, the management team has been deeply involved in the investment industry for many years, and gradually explored and formed a multi-type asset rotation, cross-asset arbitrage investment concept and macro multi-strategy investment style based on the margin of safety. Absolute return investment ability.
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