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In the process of non-performing asset management, Hebei Jiaao provides custody assistance services to financial institutions or problem enterprises with financial difficulties or operational crisis, giving full play to the advantages of non-performing asset acquisition and investment investment, and comprehensively applying “debt restructuring, asset restructuring, Professional technical means such as financial restructuring, corporate restructuring, and market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps provide bridge financing, improve capital structure, asset structure and liquidity, and help companies break away from financial difficulties.


Hebei Jiaao Investment Management Co., Ltd. always positions “non-performing asset management” as its core business. We aim at the non-performing asset market segment and realize the value-added income and restructuring income of assets through differentiated business management mode.
Our non-performing asset management business includes non-performing asset acquisition and disposal, debt-to-equity asset management, non-performing asset trusteeship, non-performing asset allocation, investment-related business products based on non-performing assets, and financing-related business products based on non-performing assets. We rely on outstanding professional and technical advantages, rich experience in capital operation and accumulated customer resources for many years to maximize the value added of non-performing assets. Based on our accumulated experience over the years, we have gradually explored the formation of a non-performing asset pricing method and risk management system that is in line with our own business characteristics.
We conduct strict due diligence and prudent asset assessment on assets before the acquisition of non-performing assets. We will continuously monitor and dynamically manage projects and mortgages after the project is launched. We will evaluate the assets under review for assets that need to be disposed of. , openly disposed of. Through this complete set of project process system, we complete value classification, revaluation and promotion to maximize the return on non-performing assets.
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