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Hebei Jiaao adheres to the mission of “solving the financial crisis and serving the real economy”, with the core values of “developing employees, achieving customers and returning shareholders”, and taking “cooperation and win-win, pragmatic innovation” as the business philosophy, adhere to “professional and rigorous”. , integrity, excellence, professional ethics. Committed to the acquisition, disposal, operation, management and other aspects of assets, for local enterprise restructuring, industrial integration, transformation and upgrading, providing high-quality, professional services.

Under the new economic normal, Hebei Jiaao has taken the mission of “resolving the financial crisis and serving the real economy”, and strives to prevent local financial risks, promote the development of the real economy, and serve the transformation and upgrading of the national economy.

The company provides employees with a wide range of learning opportunities and broad development space, providing customers with diversified excellent cooperation services and providing shareholders with a substantial return on investment.

Sincere cooperation and mutual benefit, pragmatic and efficient, forge ahead, innovation and development, and courage to open up.

Professional business, rigorous attitude, honesty and trustworthiness, pursuit of excellence

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